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Whattya know- I like the original image, too.

Saturday Sun

Taking Action

East Village, New York.


During a recent trip to the South, My wife and I chanced upon a rather unique exhibition while driving through Raleigh, NC. Dubbed “Animazement 2011,” this convention seemed to celebrate all things Anime- Japanese cartoons. Never one to miss an opportunity, especially when I was right in the middle of it, I quickly parked the car, slung on the camera, and went to work. I approached a number of the convention participants and asked if they would like to have their photo taken. To my surprise and joy, everyone was incredibly happy to oblige.

These are just a few of the shots that I got that day, but they are some of my favorites.

Annapolis, MD

Roadside Lodging

The first in a short series of photos I took on a recent road trip to the American South. Nothing groundbreaking- just a few fun snaps along the way.

East Village, Winter

Andrea, the Director of The Space at Tompkins, an East Village Nonprofit.


Tonight I was lucky enough to meet Buck Brannaman, a man considered to be the best horse trainer in existence and is the subject of a recently released documentary film, titled Buck. In the film, you see the skill and magic this man has with horses- he makes them instantly feel at ease and understands them on a level like I have never seen before. After viewing the film, I was taken with his approach to handling horses- he treats them like people. Every one of his lessons relates back to the basic theme that horses react in a similar manner that a person would- sometimes out of self defense, sometimes out of surprise, and when Buck is with them, out of trust.

Tonight, I was only able to catch him at a NY premiere of the film and the subsequent party, but I was particularly taken with his necktie and general sense of style. Here is a man who lives and breathes the open air of Montana, but is no less stylish with no less attention to detail than any downtown NY scenester.

And the best part? He is every bit the “real deal.”


Long Island City, Queens

125th Street Station

As I was on my way home from covering a Spring Gala in Harlem, I came upon this scene while waiting for the train. This was something I knew I couldn’t pass up even though my camera was already neatly packed away in my bag. My train was approaching the station, so as quickly (and surreptitiously) as I could, I grabbed my d700, set the shutter and aperture, and fired away four frames.

This is the result.